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With the rapid growth of technology it is impossible for kids and teenagers to keep up and focus with their studies, especially with the new video games that are coming out of the market frequently.

Computers made it impossible to force children and teenagers alike to pick up a book especially when they can always Google all the information they need, but although it is good that information is just within reach, there is still a negative side to it.

The down side of this is that children and teenagers would lack the real skill they need with their studies such as social interaction and being inquisitive. They might even fail to develop enough learning skills if they just depend on searching for quick answers.

Another is that not everything we find on the internet is credible enough to be a source of valid information as anyone can post anything online these days.

So is there a solution to this?

Solution is probably a big word for this type of problem, but remedy is just the right one.

If the children cannot be easily taken away from the computer why not install educational softwares that they may find fun and interesting. This is very helpful for children whose age ranges from 4 to 10 years old and although this is just a temporary remedy, (as children would later on find it boring as they age) parents might be able to help their children develop some of their basic skills in reading and solving minor math problems.

Another remedy is that giving children 2 to 3 hours of computer usage per day. In this way, children will be disciplined enough to manage their time well between their chores, homework and leisure time. Doing this might also help your children to go out more and interact with other children to develop their interpersonal skill.

But if a child or a teenager is really finding it hard to cope with his or her studies due to excessive usage of the computer or other distractions he or she might have, it might be best to hire a tutor for the child as to have someone to guide them with their academics and also to have someone to constantly remind them about their schoolwork. Doing so might also develop the child’s skill in communication and expand his or her knowledge by having someone to ask information from.

It is best to hire a professional teacher for the job. When in doubt, ask for a resume and contact the character references the applicant listed. Parents may also want to consider hiring an online tutor for their children who can work with their children after school and even during the weekends as to not bother with having someone coming over and covering extra expenses such as transportation and food allowance.

This is also an ideal way to help children cope with their academics when their own parents are busy enough with work and house chores while still using the computer. This unconventional way of learning is in no way promoting excessive usage of the computer for children, but it is just simply to help children learn while being able to do what they like to do and that is be in front of the computer.

If you can’t break them, join them!

Online learning is also a good way to help a child develop his or her’s inquisitive skill as the child may have someone to ask and clarify details and information from. It also adds extra interaction with another person to develop their communication skills well.

Although it is still strongly encouraged that parents give their children limit in using the computer and let them play outside and interact with other children, still it wouldn’t hurt to let the children learn while doing what they like to do.

If you are considering online tutorials and don’t know where to start, send me an e-mail at miavenus[AT]hellokitty[DOT]com. I’d be very glad to send you my resume. :)

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LivingSocial’s Website Hacked

LivingSocial says its website was hacked and that personal data of approximately 50 million customers may have been compromised.

The company announced today that names, email addresses, and passwords may have been compromised by the said attack, however, the company cleared that the database containing the customer’s credit card information was not affected.

LivingSocial is now working with the authorities to investigate the hacking and the company is contacting customers from across the globe where it operates to let them know about the attack through e-mail, requesting customers to reset their passwords and to disregard any e-mails claiming to be from LivingSocial that asks for their personal and account information.

The company also posted a banner on their website that reads: “Important notice for customers. If you haven’t already updated your LivingSocial password, please update it now.”

The company did not explain how the hacking occurred, but they described it as a cyber attack that “resulted in unauthorised access to some customer data from our servers”.

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Microsoft to Give a Preview of Xbox Durango in May

Preview of the new Xbox, code named Durango, is scheduled in May.

As reported in The Verge, Microsoft will be giving a preview of the new Xbox at a special event in May.

The said event is said to be scheduled on May 21st at a small venue wherein Xbox developers will be giving out the first details about the new Xbox, code named Durango, along with this are Microsoft’s plan for Xbox this year.

Rumors are that the new Xbox may now require an always on internet connection, making a wildfire of complaints from future users. Microsoft’s creative director, Adam Orth responded to the issue and told the mass to just “deal with it.” — a statement which led Microsoft to issue a public apology.

The new generation of Xbox is expected to hit the market later this year, approximately sometime in early June and is said to run in Windows 8, fulfilling Microsoft’s first step in placing the Windows OS at the center of their products and services.

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Facebook’s Small Business Program

Facebook is now educating new and small merchants about online businesses and advertising, while introducing their ad tools on the side.

With online shops being a huge hit, 3% of other small businesses advertise their products and services online in hope of gaining more customers and profit. Facebook took a huge part in helping small businesses flourish in the past few years as Facebook pages about small businesses were created, in return, approximately 645 million views and 13 million comments per week were made by small business clients.

These were all made possible by the small business education program spearheaded by Facebook itself. The program was launched in 2011 along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business. Kirsten Bury from the Facebook’s small business team will hit the streets this weekend to raise awareness about Facebook’s marketing tools and the possibility of helping small business owners gain more profit through online advertisement.

Facebook, having been supported by huge companies with an extravagant amount of budget for online advertising, now features an easy and user-friendly marketing tools that are more affordable for small business owners. Facebook’s new ad tool offers a one-click targeting and automatic optimization to reach the most accurate prospect clients, part of their marketing tool is technology literacy to help small merchants cope with the basic technicalities of their ad program and also to aid them with the process of handling an online business.

Facebook hopes that they could help small businesses to flourish with their campaign on educating small merchants about online advertising and introducing easy to use marketing tools.

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Omerta by Mario Puzo

What is there left for me to say for such a capturing, entertaining, and page-turning, magnificent piece of literature? I don’t mean to sound overrated here, but this book is just as magnificent as The Godfather itself.

Here’s the summary from

To Don Raymonde Aprile’s children he was a loyal family member, their father’s adopted “nephew.” To the FBI he was a man who would rather ride his horses than do Mob business. No one knew why Aprile, the last great American Don, had adopted Astorre Viola many years before in Sicily; no one suspected how he had carefully trained him … and how, while the Don’s children claimed respectable careers in America, Astorre Viola waited for his time to come.

Now his time has arrived. The Don is dead, his murder one bloody act in a drama of ambition and deceit — from the deadly compromises made by an FBI agent to the greed of two crooked NYPD detectives and the frightening plans of a South American Mob kingpin. In a collision of enemies and lovers, betrayers and loyal soldiers, Astorre Viola will claim his destiny. Because after all these years, this moment is in his blood …

Mario Puzo truly is a great author of mafia stories; with his knowledge of mafia stories, federal strategies and his creativity, he was able to make his readers crave for more of each of his works. I honestly find Omerta very compelling, and although I felt that there should still be more to it, I find its ending satisfying.

Each page is like a movie scene, reeling before your very eyes. This book made me want to make a movie out of it. Five cookies!

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Facebook Announces New App: Facebook Home

Facebook recently announced their latest app, Facebook Home, which replaces the standard Android home screen with full-screen photos, notifications and status updates.

Facebook Home is said to launch on April 12th in the US. Further reports say that the new app would not work on lower versions of Android other than Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich. Development of the said app is being worked on by the developers to make it available for tablets in the next few months, but until then, Facebook said that they will be constantly releasing updates to make the app better by adding new features.

The app will be available for download in the Play Store once it’s released, and users are given the option to try the app once or use the app “always” as home screen. The app is focused on the cover feed, which streams full-screen photos and stories from the user’s account; it also features a new notifications system that lets users view all notifications at once through their home screen.

The app is as interactive as it is meant to be, making Facebook chat available on home screen by means of the Chat Heads feature, wherein a person’s profile picture pops up on the user’s screen once they sent the user a message on Facebook. What’s better for people on the go is that they will not be forced to reply in an instant if they don’t want to because they’d be given an option whether to read the entire message immediately or not, avoiding the dreadful “seen at [insert time here]” feature. In addition it allows the user to also scan through the threads of messages as they can on the browser version of Facebook inbox.

In explanation, Zuckerberg said during the opening that:

“Today we’re going to finally talk about that Facebook Phone, More accurately, we’re gonna talk about how you can turn your phone into a Facebook Phone. We asked ourselves — if we’re already spending this much time on our phones, how can we make it easier? What if they were designed around people first, and you could also just happen to interact with apps?”

Facebook extended its partnership with mobile makers and carriers such as AT&T, Orange, Qualcomm, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, EE, ZTE, Lenovo, and Alcatel, to further optimize the Facebook Home app.

Among these carriers and mobile makers, HTC and AT&T is said to release the very first smart phone which features Facebook Home. The new handset is said to be called the HTC First and will be available in the market on April 12th for only $99.99, what’s better is that AT&T is now accepting pre-orders of the new phone in their website.

With the release of the new app, Facebook users will eventually cut down their time checking their Facebook account on their computers while still being strongly connected with their friends through their android phones.

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