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Life Before College Ends

Nota Bene: This is part 1 of the 2 part blog posts about my life before and after my college graduation. LOL

So as you may or may not know, I have recently graduated from college. It has been nearly a week now and as far as I know, I’m loving the bum life despite of it making me fatter than I already am. Quite a heap of things happened after my graduation and I’m loving every bit of it; I somehow wish that it would always stay this way.

Before I move on to writing about my first week out of college, let me first write about the things that happened before the big G day! 😀

March 20 was the day my younger sister, Patricia, graduated from elementary; what’s great was that she graduated as salutatorian. 😀 I was really tired from my last graduation practice that it slipped my mind that it was her graduation day. I told her that and she laughed hard because of my extreme forgetfulness.

Funny story, Mac was supposed to pick me up at 8 PM at school because we were told that the practice might end at 8 PM, but it did not. So I flooded him with text messages and even sent him a couple of Facebook messages to let him know that I went home already. Apparently, he never saw those messages prior going to school at 8 PM to pick me up. It was a great thing that mom called and asked me to go to Cafe Dozo for dinner to celebrate Patricia’s graduation, so I asked Mac to just come with us for dinner. ^_^

March 21 was a really memorable day. Not only were Felice and I finally submitted the final copies of our thesis, but also we were able to clear our graduation clearance and we were also able to get out togas. ^_^ On the side of that, I was able to have my creative shot taken for the Yearbook Club. ^_^

March 22. As a reward for having accomplished those things and for having a free day before graduation, Mac took me out on a movie date. We first had breakfast at the Tropical Hut near our school, waited for Felice and Kasandra for the graduation invitation and then we went to the mall to watch OZ.

It was really awesome but we had to cut our date short because I still have to attend the high school commencement exercises for my other sister, Soleil, who had been awarded as fourth honorable mention for the entire sophomore level.

The Graduation

Last March 23, I have officially graduated from college and although I didn’t get the awards that everyone, including my friends, expected me to get, I still felt great that I am out of its limits. I honestly don’t feel bad about not getting the credit due to me, I am quite used to it, but it just bugs me that people feels bad about me not getting even a Service Award for working in the college publication and the stuff I was able to win for the school, but I just hope they’d understand that it’s not about the medals and extra awards.

I may now have a degree, and it may seem prestigious to some, but the real prestigious award could neither be measured by the number of recognized achievements nor the paper which is proof of my hard work and labor, but by the satisfaction I felt from doing my best for the things and the people I love and value the most.

I know I did well more than my batch mates, and I have achieved a lot of great things more than they could, and although they were rewarded with titles that we might no longer remember in a couple of years, still I know that I have achieved more than they had in the past four years. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I have always excelled in the degree that I have chosen, and I know that everything I did satisfied my hunger for personal success. Thus no amount of medals could ever be compared to the things that I did and experienced during the four years of my college life; I am just so happy that I finally earned my degree, and I earned it well. I deserved it just as anyone who put their best foot forward in everything they did during the last four years.

That will be all for this post. I’ll be writing another post real soon, and probably I’ll blog hop again after a very long time. ^_^ Cheers!

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