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Pre-Graduation Stress

Graduation is just around the corner and here I am taking advantage of the free wifi connection at school for perhaps the last time.

This past two weeks were really a pain in the ass, but it was worth it at the same time. I was busy with the final editing of our thesis manuscript, graduation practice and finishing my internship narrative reports. Thank God I’m done with my other obligations and thank God for a very awesome and supportive fiance for being with me and for assisting me with my emergency needs these past two weeks and for my awesome friends for cheering me up and for making me laugh at the end of each hard day.

Mac has been really great in comforting me when I was about to crack and he never left my side just in case I needed an extra hand in getting things done. He’s really a sweetheart… Last Monday we (March 11) we went jogging, had breakfast at the nearest Ministop and he cooked his own recipe of burger steak for my parents and my younger sibs.

Last Thursday, Mac and I hang out for a while and later on he took me out on a late lunch at Mang Inasal and boy did we eat a lot! We even had that Korean Halo-Halo and Korean pancake from some stall in Robinson’s. He knows exactly how tired I was from sitting in front of my laptop for hours typing my narrative reports so he decided to take me out.

Last Saturday, he brought two boxes of J.Co doughnuts for my younger sister’s 14th birthday party and he stayed till the afternoon even if he just came out of work. Last Monday he went to school with me to bring me a home-cooked lunch and because I was going to submit my internship reports, turned out that it cannot be accepted because it doesn’t have a plastic cover and the gold prints in the cover. I tried to talk it over with my professor but she was really firm about it and so Mac and I went to the nearest bookbinding shop.

I was losing all hope but he stood there, he held my hand and he reassured me that everything will fall into place and he couldn’t be more right. He doubled the price of the cover printing just so it could be rushed; I was really feeling down so he bought me a pint of Oreo ice cream and we dug in like it was our last meal.

The next morning, we retrieved my narrative reports and we had breakfast at some local restaurant with a killer buttered chicken on their menu. After that he went to school with me and he neatly covered my narrative reports himself. Before noon, I was able to get my application for graduation, and we finally went home.

I wish I was able to express how thankful I am that he’s around… My college life wouldn’t be as great if it were not for him. As I graduate this Saturday, not only do I dedicate all hard work and effort to my parents but to him as well. He was there to push me and encourage me when I was about to give up, I couldn’t express how lucky I am to have him in my life.

Je t’aime mon cher!

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