YouTube Announces to Shutdown in April Fool’s Prank

Youtube announced that it will no longer accept video entries on April Fool’s and that the site was just an eight-year contest to look for the best video.

The announcement was part of the Google April Fool’s Prank train, and in a 3:32 minute video posted in the site’s homepage, representatives from Youtube announced: “It’s finally time to pick the winner,”

The message of the video tells the viewers that the most popular video sharing site would be closing at the end of April first to review all the videos it ever received throughout the eight long years it has been on the internet to choose the best video ever uploaded, and the winner was said to be announced in 2023.

Tom Liston, named as “competition director” stated that:

“We are so close to the end. Tonight at midnight, will no longer be accepting entries. After eight amazing years, it is finally time to review everything that has been uploaded to our site and begin the process of selecting a winner,”

The site’s CEO Salar Kamangar said that they started Youtube in 2005 as a contest with a simple goal and that is to find the best video in the world.

Google bought YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion. The video sharing site was said to have more than a billion of users and viewers each month, with smartphone viewing helps in increasing its growth.

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Amazon Acquires Goodreads

Amazon has announced that they have bought one of the leading social reading services, Goodreads.

Amazon has recently acquired Goodreads, which boasts over 16 million members and a catalogue of more than 360 million books, in which they are adding 22 million more each month.

With these statistics, Amazon gets a major advantage over other ebook sellers such as Apple, and with people actively discussing books on Goodreads, having an Amazon account makes purchasing of books and ebooks more convenient for readers, especially since Amazon now offers special deals to Goodreads members.

The vice president of Kindle content in Amazon, Russ Grandinetti, stated that:

Amazon and Goodreads share a passion for reinventing reading. Goodreads has helped change how we discover and discuss books and, with Kindle, Amazon has helped expand reading around the world. In addition, both Amazon and Goodreads have helped thousands of authors reach a wider audience and make a better living at their craft. Together we intend to build many new ways to delight readers and authors alike.

In support of Grandinetti’s statement, Goodreads’ CEO and co-founder, Otis Chandler, added:

Books – and the stories and ideas captured inside them – are part of our social fabric. People love to talk about ideas and share their passion for the stories they read. I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to partner with Amazon and Kindle. We’re now going to be able to move faster in bringing the Goodreads experience to millions of readers around the world. We’re looking forward to inspiring greater literary discussion and helping more readers find great books, whether they read in print or digitally.

Goodreads wrote on a blog entry the thorough list of reasons as to why they were making the deal with Amazon. Making it clear that the Kindle integration is their top priority as it is what most members are looking and have been asking for.

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Apple Buys WiFiSlam For $20M

It has been recently reported that Apple has bought the indoor GPS, WiFiSlam, for $ 20M.

The report from the Wallstreet Journal stated that Apple paid $20M to acquire WifiSlam. WifiSlam is an indoor GPS which allows your smartphone to point its location (and the location of your friends) in real-time to 2.5m accuracy using only ambient WiFi signals that are already present.

Apple confirmed the news to Macrumors, stating that:

“The two-year-old startup has developed ways for mobile apps to detect a phone user’s location in a building using Wi-Fi signals. It has been offering the technology to application developers for indoor mapping and new types of retail and social networking apps. The company has a handful of employees, and its co-founders include former Google software engineering intern Joseph Huang.”

Apple’s acquisition of the GPS system is definitely part of the company’s plan to continue building its location capabilities, as it had already acquired C3 Technologies and Poly9 in the previous years to start improving its location services.

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Netflix Launched Facebook Integration

The most popular internet streaming media, Netflix, recently announced their Facebook integration feature for users in the U.S., letting their subscribers to share what they are watching with their Facebook friends.

The new media integration feature does not only allow Netflix users to share films and/or TV shows to their Facebook wall, but also to comment on their viewing activities as well. The new feature is said to be the key to help the service to gain wider recognition as stated by the Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings.

The new Facebook integration feature is just the start of Netflix’s way to prosper more as they are also said to be increasing individual profiles to comprise more social features some time in the future.

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Gmail for Mobile and Web Gets an Update

Google recently announced that they are working on a new design for the Gmail mobile and web app similar to the iOS app version that they have recently released.

The new design isn’t technically new, as the update looks very similar to what Google has recently released for the iOS app version of Gmail, with larger fonts, icons and loads of whitespace. The updated app also sports an improved calendar integration and search tool with auto-complete search predictions.

The web version of the app is basically just a widescreen form of the mobile app which gives users a two-pane inbox view along with the other updates mentioned above.

As for Google’s full update regarding the Gmail app, click here.

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Facebook Acquires Storylane

Facebook recently announced that they have acquired the team behind the blogging platform, Storylane.

The platform’s founder, Jonathan Gheller, blogged about the news in the Storylane website earlier today telling Storylane members that they have already been acquired by Facebook.

Gheller stated that being acquired is an exciting opportunity for the team and that “Facebook’s mission of connecting the world has always been at the center of our work, and like our friends at Facebook, meaningful connections are what our team is most passionate about.”

He added that the stories users created are theirs to keep and share in any way they want, and that the team is building easy to use tools to help users transfer their content to other blogging services. Gheller also added that Facebook would not acquire any of the users’ data.

The acquisition of Storylane is part of Facebook’s plan to have their News Feed look more personalized. The Storylane team will be responsible for the redesign of the new News Feed to transform it into a personalized newspaper for each Facebook user.

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Google Maps Gets First Big Update

The ever famous Google Maps for iOS finally gets an update with features such as local search options and Google contacts integration.

Google confirmed today that they have released the first update to the well renowned mapping software for iOS, Google Maps. The update includes Google contact list integration which will gather all the addresses a user stores not only in his phone but also within his Google account.

Google also added a new option in the search menu of the app that will help the user to quickly look up nearby venues of their interests and needs, such as restaurants, movie theatres, coffee shops and even gas stations; and although these type of searches can be done before, the new search option does not actually require you to type your search anymore.

Another feature includes the option to switch between kilometers or miles, wherever you are in the world as the app has been released in Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and the UAE.

However, even with the great set of new updates for iOS, Apple users are still wondering if Google will add Android exclusive features to their iOS app version of Maps in the future, such as being able to access the saved mapping tiles into one’s phone without the presence of a data connection.

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I was really surprised to have a couple of new foreign Twitter followers yesterday when I came home from church. I accepted their requests of course, but little did I know that my profile on was already featured. It took me about two hours to finally see their tweets about me and well, as usual when I get shocked and excited, I screamed like a little girl-literally. :blush:

So yeah, it rattled a couple of living things in this huge box and it may be a little embarrassing but I was just so in awe because I haven’t even accessed my profile for weeks! Plus, I was not sure I was even getting votes let alone enough to be featured, but I did and I am just really thankful.

I’ve received comments from people I don’t even know congratulating me and some were even telling me that they’re glad I was finally featured. And I was just like, “Wow!” there really are people reading my blog after all and some of them really liked what I write about. And although the comments were not that many that it floods my comment box on, still they’re something. Oh no, scratch that, that’s really something! :D

Thank you for all the people who commented, voted and liked my blog! I was honestly thinking of transferring this blog to my other domain because I cannot access it without a proxy, but with such honor, how could I ever do it? I might just stick to using proxies just to add some content. Cheers guys and Godspeed everyone! :D

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Evernote Requests Users to Reset Passwords

Evernote recently sent an e-mail to its users telling them to reset their passwords as they have been recently been added to the list of top companies that has been attempted to be hacked this year.

Evernote sent an e-mail requiring its users of nearly 50 million to change their passwords to a more secure one explaining that they have recently been a victim of a hacking attempt.

Evernote’s CEO and founder, Phil Libin stated that they pursued a password reset for the users’ safety and that everything is running, but not really smoothly. The company wrote in a blog post that “individual(s) responsible were able to gain access to Evernote user information, which includes usernames, email addresses associated with Evernote accounts and encrypted passwords,” but that no billing information were retrieved.

This continuous breaching of well renowned companies is really alarming to users as most internet users today uses these services to store their private data in hope that they will be safer on the cloud rather than on their hard drives since hard drives are always due to crash. But with all these breaching attempts, will their files still be safe or will they be at stake?

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