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Long Long Week

It has been quite a while since I last blogged about something elaborate, but it’s nothing compared to the what seemed to be indefinite hiatus I took about a month ago. Anyway, the college tour is this weekend, Sunday to be exact. It has been moved a couple of times already and the final date didn’t really made me happy.

We’re going to Vigan and I’m supposed to be enthralled or something, but I am not. Somehow the thought of leaving too soon without ample time to save up for it decreased all the excitement. Add to that the fact that Felice and I’s worst enemy could be there too, but I’m still hoping for the best to happen during the trip.

Usually, I’d plan out the first things to do when I’m prepping up for a long trip like this but somehow and for some unknown reason my mind forms a thick cloud of smoke whenever I think about it, leaving me in a haze.

In other news, Mac and I were finally able to watch Les Mis in the cinemas last week, so this might be considered as quite a late post, but I have to write about it anyway. I love reminiscing stuff, and yes, also consider the fact that I am a very forgetful person and that someday I might develop Alzheimer’s. If that ever happens I’d ask Mac to let me read my former entries as I’d like to read something that would help me remind of the things I did in the past, ala-The Notebook. 😛

[showhide]So anyway, we finally watched Les Mis about a week ago, January 18, to be exact and we have both decided to watch it in Robinson’s Galeria because it would just be across the main road from his office. I had to make quite a long commute though, but I don’t really mind. I took the bus again and the trip only takes exactly half an hour. When I finally got there, he was waiting for me at the bus stop and he immediately handed me the grilled cheese he promised to buy me, then took me to MiniStop where we bought my morning coffee.

It was still quite early and the mall still hasn’t opened so we had to wait by McDonald’s where we munched on some fries whilst waiting for 10 AM. When the mall finally opened we rushed to the grocery department to buy some snacks and then we went up to the cinemas at the top floor. It was actually my first time to be in Robinson’s Galeria so everything seemed really new to me even familiar stores LOL ^_^

We had to wait till 11:20 AM before we could buy tickets and go in the cinemas so we sat in the theater lobby for a long time listening to The Beatles which was coming from some retro-like diner behind the Burger King joint. We didn’t get bored at all, I was actually very excited. When we finally got the tickets, we decided to roam around for a couple of minutes to kill time before entering the cinemas and we sort of landed in some bookstore with a great stock of contemporary novels and comic books.

When we walked in the theater some couple of minutes later, I could barely resist the excitement that my voice would crack whenever I try to speak. LOL 😛 The first half of the movie was really good, especially Fauntine’s part although it’s quite too fast for me and Russel Crowe’s voice is a bit distracting. I really shed tears when Anne Hathaway started singing I Dreamed A Dream, it’s probably the most emotional version of that song and it just sent goosebumps. The entire film was good, but not as good as the first and last part wherein Valjean dies and Fauntine reappears and every character who died sang in the finale. It was a really good adaptation of the Broadway version, it’s just basically the Broadway version on film, but it’s still amazing. Here are photos:

This seemed to be getting really long, but what the heck I am in the mood to write about my week. 😛 HAHA. So yesterday, I received the Lady Gaga lipstick that I ordered. I ordered it earlier this month from DealExtreme and although it is not the original from MAC, it can totally pass up as one and it’s really great too. It’s matte and it doesn’t have any smell and based on the reviews I’ve read prior buying it and after receiving the parcel, it’s a really good product for a very cheap price. It’s a total bargain.

Well, I think I’ve come to the last part of this extremely long post. Hope you can forgive me for writing such a long entry. 😛

Mac and I celebrated our 28th month today. Nothing really fancy, we just had lunch at KFC and spent some time together for a brief amount of time. He just got back from work, I insisted that he go home first but he was very persistent in taking me out for lunch today so I couldn’t really say no. It’s nothing magical, but it’s really special. He even brought me some amazing treats which was an Oreo Butter Cookie and a slice of a very moist and delicious chocolate cake. We would have enjoyed our day more by doing far greater things but nothing could really be better than just being together that exact moment. I couldn’t be more thankful.

That wraps it up. Might blog again when I get to Vigan or perhaps when I get home from the tour. Cheerios!

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