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Shoes, Books and Food

Yesterday was a Saturday, which means it’s the time of the week wherein Mac and I would go to random places together and eat-a LOT. ^_^

We decided to go to my hometown in Pasay to look at Class A Nike shoes at Cartimar, Libertad. We were actually going to buy basketball shoes for his dad in U.K., although I could tell that he’s been itching to buy his own new pair of shoes, but he just bought a new pair not over a month ago.

Anyway, since he works at night, we decided that I’ll just meet him outside his office building in Ortigas on Saturday morning, so I left the house at around 7:30 AM. It was raining really hard but it’s a good thing I found an umbrella lying around or I wouldn’t have made it to Ortigas at all. But I forgot to bring a jacket (insert ultimate facepalm here) I am a very forgetful person and sometimes it takes a toll on me, like what happened to me on my way there.

I took the bus and I think it’s quite a bad idea for a person who’s always prone to sniffles like me, because buses tend to be really cold. Sure it’s the most comfy and convenient way to travel (for me) but in weathers like what we had yesterday, it’s not as convenient as it always is even if it keeps me from all the pollution of the city. And since I forgot to bring my jacket, I literally shivered for like half an hour or so. It was comfy of course, and I couldn’t have chosen to travel in any other way, but man did my teeth literally chattered and it gave me quite a headache too. T.T

But all those uncomfy feelings disappeared when I got off the bus and was greeted good morning with a hug and kiss by Mac and what made me feel a lot more better was the Ministop Kariman and Coffee Shake he was holding in his hands. hihi.

We took the MRT on our way to Pasay and that particular trip was much better than the one I previously had alone. We laughed and talked about random things on our way there and it was just fun. I mean, the entire trip isn’t as boring as it should be. It’s funny how one person can give a whole new meaning and life to dull situations like a long trip.

When we got there, we immediately get into looking for the right pair and price of shoes. We hopped from shop to shop until we literally had gone to every stalls. We found what we were looking for but most of the shops didn’t have the right size so we ended up buying two pairs of Jordan from the third store we looked into earlier that morning.

It was really tiring, especially for him who’s been awake for 24 hours straight so after paying for the shoes, we decided to grab lunch. At first, I suggested that we go to Robinsons Ermita because I really missed the place but we opted for a more convenient destination, which was Gateway Cubao. When we got there, I pulled him aside to Fully Booked to browse random books for a while and since Saturdays are food trip days, we had Taco Bell, DQ and Burger King in one meal afterwards. We were really starving so… don’t judge our huge appetite. LOL Here are pictures.


It was quite a tiring day but it was all worth it. Just being with him and holding his hand in mine erases all trace of weariness and I couldn’t be much happier when he told me that I’m his stress-reliever. Next Saturday is another day to look forward to. We’re going to see Les Miserables in the cinema! I couldn’t be more excited! HAHA!


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