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Today was almost filled with disappointments and difficult school work, but thank God for my fiance, Mac, for saving me from all of it.

I went back to my college this morning instead of going to the school where I was having my internship to just basically run a few errands for my thesis and my incomplete subjects. Getting the form and the manuscript was easy, but having the routing form signed by the editor was as difficult as walking on thin ice.

She wouldn’t sign our routing form just because of wrong spacing and indention; minor things that could always be fixed and she said it in such a manner that I found quite disappointing. It’s as if my group mates and I (or should I say, Felice and I) have not exerted too much effort on writing and editing our manuscript, even if we sacrificed working on it during holidays and weekends just to finish it on time.

She even reasoned that we’re not doing our thesis as a group and she wouldn’t want to be part of a broken group because we hadn’t followed her instructions right due to that particular fact.

But although she is right, I mean, Felice and I were the only ones who are doing everything, I don’t see it as a good reason for her to back out on us this late. I mean, we’re only a signature away from having our manuscript revised for hard bound. I think she’s getting too personal about everything. It’s disappointing because I always thought she knew better than that.

Felice and I are suspecting some “former friends” are to blame about this sudden change of personal opinion, but whether they did it or not, I still don’t think that whatever they had to say about us and our group is reasonable enough for our editor to back out on us. That’s just too unprofessional of them to do. I was very pissed this morning because of that.

Oh my, I’m ranting! :7: Forgive me for that.

On the brighter side of my day, Mac came to my aid immediately and we had lunch at this certain place called “Scrapyard Cafe” in Angono, Rizal. We ate there once before and it’s not just because of the cheap but delish food but mainly because they have framed posters of The Beatles hanging on their walls. They even had a framed photo of Elvis and some great paintings of local artists. Well, you can say we’re quite nerds in some way, and we pledge guilty to that.

We ordered a very simple lunch. He ordered porridge and I had Chicken Adobo. Afterwards we went on to finish some other errands. Later this afternoon, we went to eat at another great resto in Angono: Don Antonio Cafe. It was actually Mac’s idea to bring me there in the first place since he’d been there before. The menu was great and the price were unexpectedly cheap for their sort of menu. Mac ordered a tall glass of Hazelnut Espresso with ice cream on top, a plate of sumptuous fries and a platter of amazing Italian pizza.

The food was more than amazing, I couldn’t even find the right words to describe everything and no, I’m not exaggerating.

I had so much fun being with him today and I couldn’t express how thankful I am that we’re still together. The last quarter of 2012 has been a rough road for us, and I’m just glad that after everything that had happened we still feel all fluttery inside whenever we see each other today. I honestly couldn’t imagine how awful my life would have been if he weren’t with me in the last three years of my life. I’ve learned so much from him and I hope he did learn from me too. Most of all, I know that we’ve learned from our mistakes and are getting better as a person and as a couple. Being with him is definitely a life-changing experience.

Je t’aime mon cheri! :32:

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