Bonne Année

Happy New Year!

This is quite a late post, but I got quite busy with my new job and my unexpected return to my internship. But more of that later, my family had an 80’s themed New Year’s party last December 31st and it totally rocked more than we expected. My aunts and my parents were the ones who organized the family party, and it was really fun and exciting.

My aunts were all there, including my younger cousins and everyone dressed up in their own 80’s inspired outfits. I personally chose a more simpler one. I just went with the John Lennon shirt that was given to me by Mac as part of his wonderful Christmas present set, cotton black tights and 5-inch black pumps, with an Audrey Hepburn inspired hair-do and a Sophia Loren inspired make-up.

I just wished that my nephews were there, I honestly haven’t seen them in months, but they were with their mother and her family, so there really was no chance that we could spend the New Year with them. But well, that’s just how things go anyway.

The party turned out to be a total karaoke party, and everyone’s throat hurt by the end of the night, prior the countdown.

By 7 PM I retired to my bedroom to work on my article for that evening, and when I went back down at about 11 PM, my aunts and my cousins already went home. I sat with my sisters in the living room, who were still singing non-stop, I eventually joined them until quarter to midnight as our dad started lighting up some firecrackers.

When the clock struck midnight, the entire family went out to light more firecrackers and watch the fireworks display, and as you all know, hugged and kissed each other as we greet one another a very happy New Year. Below are some photos of the 80’s themed Karaoke party.

The only person missing was Mac, who spent the New Year with his own family. We talked on Skype after the countdown though, until about four in the morning until we decided to finally go to bed.

How was your New Year, friends? I’d like to hear your story. Tell me all about it in the comment section.

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