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I have been meaning to blog about this for more than two weeks now, even let the chance to blog about my best friend’s going away party pass up, but it’s all because I was afraid that I’d jinx it. So I decided to just wait till I get formally accepted and submit the signed [...]

So after watching Iron Man 3 with hubbie a couple of weeks back, I found out that another superhero movie is coming out in the theaters again! This time though it will be everyone’s all time favorite superhero: SUPERMAN. Also known as Man of Steel. Yup another man made of iron, but probably more classic [...]

Ever believed when someone tells you that what’s meant for you will be given to you? Like, maybe not now but sometime in the future…yeah, that sort of thing? Well, my mom told me the same thing when I decided to apply for a full-time teaching job at some school a town away from where [...]