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Off Campus Internship and Other Rants

Nearly a month ago, I started my off campus internship in the Our Lady of Peace School here in Antipolo and mind you, I’m having a blast! I just seem to enjoy waking up early every day and going to work, waiting for my first class, and well, you know I enjoy teaching.

My cooperating teacher gave birth, so she’s on a maternity leave for I don’t know how long so her load was passed on to me and Felice. We taught her classes for like two weeks, until the formal substitute teacher came; it was disappointing though, having her around. Not only was she not qualified to teach the subject (she’s a biology major and doesn’t have a clue who Edgar Allan Poe is, pfft.) she was also a bossy slacker. So enough of her, as you can read from the first few lines, I am having fun and I am really trying my best to be at ease with the environment. Although I really miss my students during my in-campus in Siena College, but I’m slowly getting the hang out of my new students anyway. I just hope they’d be as warm as my former students were to Felice and I.

So it’s almost Christmas and I’m currently enjoying my second day of my Christmas vacation and so far—it’s boring. I know I have to get a lot of things done before going back to work and school on the 7th of January, but I can’t seem to help procrastinating. Perhaps it’s the fact that I wanted to do a lot of things with my sites before that I sort of put my time and effort into doing site-related stuff in the first two days of my vacation, thus resulting to me blogging again after so long. I think, if I am not mistaken it has been over a month since I have last blogged and yes, I did transfer blogs from my domain back here in blogger since my domain expired and I haven’t got the financial resources to renew it just yet.

Anyways, last Thursday I attended my last college Christmas party. It was a masquerade ball but I really didn’t want to wear a dress. For one, I gained like eight to ten pounds (perhaps more T.T) and of course, I didn’t want to worry my mom about an expensive mask and costume that I will never probably use again. So I decided to dress up as a female bandit, equipped with a corset, an eye mask and high heels. I chose to be the female version of Zorro and here’s the proof:

I didn’t get a full body picture of me wearing that outfit but to complete the picture I was wearing black leggings, white dress suit (courtesy of my uncle), a corset and black pumps. That night was truly fun and exciting, I really enjoy the company of my batch mates and my love.

Anyway, the most amazing thing happened to our family just this past week. Last weekend we were really worried that we won’t be having a great Christmas supper because my parent’s client’s consultant was getting in their way in completing their project and would not release them the check’s due to them. So it was really a tough time and we could really see it in our parent’s eyes, in fact it has become quite worse in the next couple of days that it eventually showed in our parent’s faces. Mom cried really hard one time, and all we could do was to morally support them and tell them that everything is going to be just fine, and that Jesus wouldn’t let us celebrate Christmas with nothing on our table.

Eventually, a blessing came out of nowhere. A church mate voluntarily lent our parents money enough to buy us all humble presents and a sumptuous Christmas dinner and, would you believe that we still have enough left for grandma and grandpa? Even for the maids? We just don’t know how we could ever express our deepest gratitude to that couple. And just as when we thought that it was our final blessing for Christmas, our aunt called and offered to cook for us and hold a small party for the kids. I badly wanted to cry both in excitement and thankfulness for all the unexpected blessings despite all of our trials these past few weeks.

That’s all for now. Will blog again soon. 🙂 Godspeed everyone! 😀

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