Les Miserables 2012

That’s right, Les Miserables made it’s debut in the U.S. recently and I couldn’t be more thrilled as it would be coming to Philippine cinemas on January 16th. Les Mis is my number one favorite musical and novel of all time and I might have watched a couple of adaptations of it on film and television, and in various languages too. So you can say I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to it. It’s also a Broadway classic for decades now, making this year’s movie adaptation an even bigger hit.

This year’s version of Les Mis stars Hugh Jackman as the ever famous ex-convict, Jean Val-Jean, the protagonist of the story. Russell Crowe played the part of the antagonist, Inspector Javert, while Anne Hathaway stars as Fauntine and Amanda Seyfried as Cosette and with the four main characters being huge celebs, this production has definitely been abundantly budgeted.

Les Miserables tells us the tales of Jean Val-Jean as he comes to the end of his term after an 18 year sentence in the Toulon prison, set in early 1900′s France. The story follows Val-Jean as he tried to cope up with life and in his journey of becoming a renewed man. Les Miserables is an enthralling story of broken dreams, unrequited love and redemption and will surely, once again, touch the hearts of millions of people.

I will definitely see this on the cinema next month. This is just an opportunity I cannot dare to miss.

In other news, and a completely off topic one, I have just been invited by the Iowa City Owl website to write for them. This is definitely the biggest news I’ve received this year. It’s like a hidden Christmas present that came out of nowhere. I’m just really thankful about it. See you there, soon! :D Cheers!

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