Drunk Driving Lesson

I know a lot of people who drink and drive after spending the entire evening at a friend’s house and it scares me that most of them might be involved in car accidents in the future, or worse—being caught in act by the authority.

Considering the fact that a person driving under the influence of alcohol is against the law, they might not be involved in a car accident (yet!) but they can be legally charged for DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) when they get caught by the police. While first offense only charges the offender a misdemeanor DUI, a repeated allegation would result to felony DUI.

Being caught DUI or DWI is like being in an accident as well, in the financial sense that is. Just diminish the finances involved in getting the area cleaned up and the medical fees, but in the same way the offender will still be charged for the crime he or she has committed. The offender would need to hire a special DUI lawyer for his DWI defense and that lawyer would need to let the offender understand the sentence of a repeated DUI offense.

See, all these commotion only for drunk driving. So friends, please do drive safely and sober!

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Weight Loss Options

Most people I know are desperate to lose weight, especially now that summer has come. Those people I know have considered dieting, exercising and even surgeries! Yep, believe it or not, my good friend has seriously talked to me about a series of surgeries wherein the doctors take out a part of your stomach to make you eat less.

Such surgery is risky, I know and so I made a little research on it to share with my good friend. Upon browsing the net, I have come across a site called My Surgery MD wherein I found a couple of information about the procedure that my friend and I were talking about and found out that it is called “Bariatric Surgery”.

One of the surgeries I found under Bariatric is Gastric Bypass Procedure. This procedure is said to be for extremely obese patients who have found little to no success at all in a weight loss diet. This particular procedure decreases the stomach size of the patients, which then in turn becomes a gateway to successful weight loss.
This procedure also costs around $18,000 to about $30,000 and would depend upon the surgeon who would be performing the procedure and the technique that he or she is going to use.

Another was Gastric Sleeve Surgery, some tend to call it Sleeve Gastrectomy and this particular procedure that costs around $10,000 to $25,000 involves the removal of the large portion of the patient’s stomach.

The last procedure I found is called Lap Band Surgery. This procedure involves a silicone band that would be wrapped around the patient’s stomach to limit the amount of food that they would be eating. This procedure costs around $15, 000 to $20,000.

Just imagine that. My friend’s eyes literally bulged at the tremendous amount.

And although these procedures do have their benefits, still nothing is better than the natural way of trimming down other than proper diet and exercise.

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