Site Analyzer

This is going to be quite a boring and nerdy post, but trust me it’s really handy.

So I got an e-mail from someone, perhaps a blogger, telling me to check this site out called StatMyWeb.com. I did, and searched for my website and it gave me a detailed info about my website including the date it was bought, where is it hosted, how much is it worth and where does it rank on the web. I find it really nifty since I get to know where I rank and what parts of the site I could work on to make it better. If you would like to check out this site’s stat click here.

For bloggers who accepts paid articles or sponsored review on their websites, I suggest that you take a look into this site as to know whether you are being compensated enough according to your blog’s statistics. So far, my blog’s worth does not display perhaps because it’s fairly new (my blog is up for only less than three months). Oh and have I mentioned that it also tracks the total of your daily unique visitors?

Apart from that, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page it will tell you your W3C HTML Validation Analysis. It also has a record of when you last updated your site. It has a lot more feature that I have yet explored myself. Waah I’m beginning to be a nerdok, and I hope you’d forgive me for that. I just feel like sharing it. I suggest you look in to it to know its other features since I haven’t explored it much. 🙂 Cheers!

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