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Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year to everyone! 🙂 I hope you all had fun as much as my family and I did during New Year’s Eve. The food was great, and I devoured on wine all evening, ha-ha!

Well, my New Year started when my fiance woke me up at around nine in the morning, and you know when it’s the holidays, nine in the morning is very early in a bum’s clock. LOL. Anyway, he woke me up just to say that he’ll be leaving to get something for his cheesecakes, well I to get up after that, since I remembered I also had an agenda yesterday morning, I’m getting a cellophane hair treatment. So I took a bath, and had my hair colored chestnut brown via-cellophane hair treatment. My fiance arrived before I had the hair treatment applied, and yes, I had to have the hair treatment at home because I’m too lazy to go to the nearest salon. 😀 Thank God for my good friend Mau, who is a master hairdresser. 🙂 Anyway, he brought me home a hashbrown burger from Jollibee since I’m craving for it for almost an entire week.

After my hair treatment, Mac went to his parent’s home to spend the New Year’s Eve with them. I don’t mind really, I was able to keep him during Christmas anyway. LOL. When he left, I confined myself in my room and continued watching Le Comte de Monte Cristo on Youtube, it’s the mini-series adaptation of the book by Alexander Dumas. That’s what I did the entire day, even until before the countdown, I know, I know, it’s such a bum thing to do. Ha-ha! But it was sooo good, it’s better than the Film adaptation, plus it stars my favorite actor Gerard Depardieu 😉

Came dinner, my younger siblings and I were asked to be in our best dresses, so I picked out a vintage looking dress I bought before Christmas, and put on my red shoes and red lipstick. My mom said it’s a fierce way to greet the new year, and I just laughed at her, I seem to be lost in time, she added, and I told her I must be someone from the 1960’s. She laughed as well; I love looking like someone from that time, don’t ask why, it’s an obsession I’m still trying hard to fight since I was five. Ha-ha!

Anyway, since dinner was really heavy, I volunteered to get the wine, and yes, as you might have expected I devoured on wine the entire evening as I watched Le Comte de Monte Cristo. Anyway, here are photos.

With my younger sisters and our cousins. (From right to left, Counter clockwise, me, my little courins Sophia, Grace, my younger sisters Patricia, Phoebe and Soleil.

Le Food. Yuumm. Can you spot the Roast beef? 😀

Family Picture. There are two families in our living room and ours is definitely the largest. LOL

Patricia and Soleil.

Phoebe and Grace.

Yours truly in my vintage dress and hairstyle. LOL

This is our good friend Mau, he’s a hair stylist and yes, he was the Mau who gave me the cellophane hair treatment. 😀

WELCOME 2012! ^_^

Sorry for the poor quality, we no longer have a digi-cam. LOL We used mobile phones and my webcam in taking pictures.

I was able to finish the mini series before midnight, and I have to admit I was the one who emptied the wine bottle, for even after midnight I kept on refilling my glass. Ha-ha! I had so much fun, and I’m glad we got to celebrate New Year as a happier family this time. May God bless everyone! Bonne année!

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