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Mac and I celebrated our first year last September 24, and so far this semester, apart from my mom’s new korean restaurant, it’s the best thing that happened to me. *love* Mac surprised me that morning with a huge paper bag, and the “Education” bracelet that I gave him last year. I really thought that [...]


Well, that’s pretty much the reason why I haven’t been active in the blogosphere for quite sometime, and also because of not having an internet connection at home. My best gal pal Abby and I have been working hard to gather relevant sources for the study that we are conducting. Happy to say that we [...]


Mac and I decided to keep a daily blog, which will serve as a countdown to our first anniversary. We started it just this September 1st, and we’re having fun doing it, really. It added a little more excitement to our lives, haha. But the blog will not stop on our anniversary on the 24th, [...]