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WednesDATE! :P

My extremely looong weekend marks its end today. Well…supposedly. But since Wednesday’s are no class days, another day was added up to my long weekend. So I just went with Mac to the mall today, where we did practically nothing but hang out in the food court and in World of Fun. I was not [...]


And just when I thought that I’d never get tired of my previous theme-I just can’t help myself from making a new one. But I love this new theme as much as my previous one, it still features John Lennon and the title is a line taken from one of his songs called “Oh Yoko”. [...]

Late Date :P

Mac and I celebrated our 11th month of engagement last Wednesday (Aug. 24), but we didn’t go out. Instead we just stayed at home all evening, we watched a movie and ate my all time favorite meal: Tuna Omelette. I’m allowed to eat canned tuna again, after the allergy. It was a drastic tuna-free month, [...]