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Casa Feliz, Marikina

During my grandma’s wake, when things have started to make me dizzy, Mac came and took me out of the parish funeral hall. We decided to have an early dinner date on some fancy looking cafe nearby, called Cafe Feliz. It is in Marikina, and it’s just literally across the parish where my grandma’s wake was being held. Casa Feliz is a coffee shop slash resto in SSS Village, Marikina, and despite the good ambiance, and the great interior and menu, the food is pretty cheap. 😉

I ordered for my all time favorite, Katsudon and a tall glass of iced coffee, while Mac ordered Adobo Flakes and a very girly tall glass of Strawberry Milkshake. 😛 They have a cake called “Mango Mia” which Mac ordered too just because it has my name on it. LOL The cake reminded me of that uber yummy Banana Shake called “Banana Mia” that I had last summer, the funny thing is, I had them both in Marikina, their mayor must have love me so much, KIDDING. LOL! Going back to the things that we ordered, we also asked for fries, we just could not resist not having one. We’re such piggies. 😛

And what’s great about restos like Casa Feliz? Free Wi-fi connection. So we totally took advantage of that, staying for another hour after we have finished eating. LOL

Mac and I also took the time to talk about things that we have missed about each other, asking random questions, playing a conversation game… it was great, talking with him. I just realized that after all that we’ve been through, he’s still the same person I met and loved. Most of all, he’s still my best friend. *love*

It feels really nice to somehow get away from all the melancholy brought by my grandma’s passing… even just for a little while. I miss you wowa. T.T

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