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Crazy Week

Listening to Hale’s second album, “Twilight” ♥ I had my demo last Thorsdaaay… and I absolutely, positively SUCKED! Apparently I was given the wrong reference book and the wrong story to tell the class, so I was not able to follow the things I listed down in my lesson plan. But weneweys, I had fun. [...]

Interesting Wednesday

Wednesday means I have to be in my teaching uniform, that also means that I have to wear a very short skirt. So Mac picked me up this morning since he does not like people staring at my stocking-covered legs, and also because I find it hard to embark a jeepney going to school in [...]

Tale of a Bored Person

Well it really is a boring Tuesday. Apparently, my afternoon class was cancelled so I decided to stay home and be a total bum. I have been pretty successful,I ate in my old room (which is now my brother’s room) and watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I snuggled in bed when I’m done [...]