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Thursday Off!

Well since it’s a Thursday, I’m off school. But that does not mean I stop working… well, I kind of did… but I’m just taking a little time off, I’ll have to start working on reports and lesson plans later. Right now, I want to keep a record of my week… Last Monday, I had [...]


The past week was kind of exhausting, yet it was fun. Last Saturday, Julia and Carla came over my house for no other apparent reason at all, apart from to endlessly talk about random things. My Fiancé, Mac, cooked lunch for us. He’s such a darling… Weneweys, after lunch the girls and I decided to [...]

Life Lessons : Fake Friends

I’ve been with too many people, and I would like to share my observations about the different types of people that we will/might/have come across with… Users. Ginagamit ka lang pag walang siyang kasama or may kailangan sayo. Tapos kapag meron na, iiwan ka nalang bigla sa ere. Ayan, forever alone ka tuloy. Kinakausap ka [...]