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Christmas 2011

I went to Greenhills with my fiance, Mac and our good friends Abby and Ninayesterday morning for a last minute Christmas shopping, and of course to celebrate our 15th month of engagement. Mac was able to buy a Domo bag for his sister and a WWE action figure of Batista for his younger brother. He [...]

Time Traveled

I had haircut for the nth time this past two months and I must say, I like the latest one better. I’m not sure about what other people think, but I’m guessing it’s the coolest thing I’ve done to my hair ever since the “bob” (circa 1996). My fiance liked it, and so did my [...]

Happy Christmas (War is Over)

I made an extremely rough cover of my favorite Christmas song of all time, which is John Lennon’s Happy Christmas (War is Over). I got inspired to do a cover of the song by Yoko Ono‘s display picture on twitter, it’s the ever famous “WAR IS OVER IF YOU WANT IT” line and upon seeing [...]