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For the sake of the New Year, I made a new theme for my website. I have to admit that this looks better and more cleaner than that of my previous theme. Don’t you agree? mihihi ♥ I have also used my own photo for the banner; yeah that’s me with my long curly hair. [...]

[youtube=] The song is stuck in my head for more than a week now, so I decided to make a cover of it after listening to the song a million times, over and over again. The video is short, yes, I am aware of that. But I can’t rap, so deal with the short video [...]

I know it’s too late to greet everyone a Merry Christmas since Christmas was long over last night, BUUUT! But I have yet to share my Christmas story with everyone! haha So we spent Christmas with my Aunts and my grandmother in Marikina. It was a blast, the food was great, the games were fun [...]