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Kilig Quote

The only way to know if someone truly loves you is when after you’ve turn him down, you see him rise from the fall, walk up to you and say; “Mahal kita! Higit pa sa ginawa ko dati!” - oh wow, that is very manly, don’t you think? It takes all the strength, pride and [...]


The sweetest thing a guy ever did for his girl was to sit with his friends look at her from afar and proudly tell them, “Look at her, have you ever seen anyone so beautiful? Damn pare, siya buhay ko.” - Kaloka, I wish someday someone would look at me and speak of me this [...]

Flunked Math

I just got my grades this afternoon, and I was devastated when I saw my grade in Algebra. I got a 3.0. I did well on my other subjects though, but I’m still lacking grades from five more subjects. I wish my professors would hurry up and pass my grades already to the registrars office. [...]