Because “red” is a great color….

I had my hair dyed and my nails painted red this afternoon. Well my hair isn’t exactly red, it’s kinda reddish-brown. I don’t want a vibrant red hair. I got my hair and nails done at a local salon… it’s actually a barbershop but they have those things for girls too, lol. I really love that place, it’s all vintage. The interior brings back the 50’s and oh, they only play music from the late 40’s to 60’s. Plus they don’t charge that much, could you believe that I got my hair dyed, got a manicure and pedicure + foot spa for only 1,200 bucks? Well, my mom paid for it as usual. I’m still broke, but I’m going to start my summer job on Monday, so hopefully in two week’s time, I won’t be as broke as I am now.

my nails my red hair
BTW, my hair looks great when exposed to sunlight, it brings out the reddish color.   Uhm, I’m sorry for not having any make-up on, but as you all know (or may not know) I’m not a big fan of make-up. But I do love having them on my bag, I just don’t use them that often. I hope you don’t find my face disturbing LOL. Anyway, I’m getting addicted to Katy Perry lately. I just downloaded her album, and I listened to all the tracks. I already know a few songs cause I’ve seen their music videos on MTV. But my favorite track is“Mannequin” I just love the song. It reminds me of the 80’s movie called “Mannequin”, I love that movie too, especially it’s OST “Nothing’s gonna stop us now” by Starship. I’ve been also listening to worship music these past few nights, after saying my prayers at night I’d turn my mp3 player on and listen to songs such as “The power of your love”, “Refiner’s fire” and “God will make a way” I got that particular folder on repeat. Listening to worship songs brings back those days when I celebrate first Friday masses with my schoolmates. Ha-ha, I miss school…

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