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Weh… nothing much really. Tee Hee! Told ya I’m quite a boring person. So I’m back home here in Antipolo, and I’m getting addicted to Japanese songs… I know I love J-rock, but I haven’t considered listening to J-pop, aside from Utada Hikaru’s “First Love”. My current LSS is Mirai e sung by Kiroro. To all those who haven’t heard the song yet, search it on YouTube, I’m sure you’ll love it. To all those who already knows the song… ahihihi… isn’t it such a wonderful song? I’m so loving it, played it all night in my i-pod. It’s like a lullaby, it puts me to sleep. Not that it’s a boring song, you know what I mean.

Tango: We’ll be performing it this Thursday, I’m so excited but right now, I need to find the perfect black cocktail dress. And since we’re a little short right now, my mom decided that she’ll just borrow a dress from my auntie, so that I’ll have something to wear on our Field Demonstration this Thursday. Not bad… my aunt and I always share clothes anyway. LOL. I don’t really mind not getting new stuff, I’m used to it, LOL. When I was a little younger, my dad would take me and my brother to a toy store, and I’ll walk out with nothing while my brother has a new toy in his hands. I find it quite rude of my dad, and I became so jealous of my younger brother back then. But when my mom came home from abroad, I realized that I’m luckier than my brother. My mom always buys me things for no reason at all, I just find it too sweet of her to do such things. But of course, I wasn’t spoiled like my brother, and I know when and when not to ask for something, unless it’s really important and it could affect my future, example: the black cocktail dress. If I don’t have one, I won’t be able to perform on our Field Demonstration, plus I would get a failing grade on our PE class which is a big embarrassment.

Life at Gelie’s: I had such a great time on my first week in Gelie’s place. Her family is so warm, kind and hospitable. I really love it there. I never get hungry :blush: :grin:, they make such great food. But I always limit my food intake, I always tell myself that I need to fit in some good looking gown for our Graduation Ball. LOL. And with Tango rehearsals, I’m proud to say that I’m starting to lose weight. Hooray for me! New Year’s Resolution number three (3) is starting to come true! Hopefully, this summer I’ll enroll to a dance class or work out so I could totally cross NY’s Res. # 3 off my list by the start of the new school year.

E-heads Reunion Concert part II: Eh… been to TicketWorld.com.ph a few minutes ago to check out the concert ticket prices for the upcoming sequel of the Eraserhead’s reunion concert this coming March 7, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia. Unfortunately, I’m out of funds, and I’m not sure I could save up as much as 5000 pesos before the end of February. There’s a lot cheaper seats, like the 300 pesos bronze ticket. It’s the lowest ticket price, but I don’t think I’d see anything with that. So my target is either the 3000 pesos or 1,300 pesos seats. But I need serious help with it, I’ll let Angelie keep my money… she’s the Bear’s Bank. If ever I didn’t make it, expect a funeral after the E-heads concert. Just kidding! Like they say…“Bahala na!”.

Hoshigirl’s Multiply Shop: Yeah, I shopped once on Ate Gel’s online shop, and I really love what I bought! I’m going to buy another item or two within this month of February, I have my own money for online shopping, and I’m not having second thoughts of keeping it instead of putting it in my “E-heads Concert Ticket Fund” box. I have other needs and wants other than seeing the E-heads play live again. If you’re interested to see what she sells (to those who haven’t see her online shop yet) you may visit her multiply site here. I swear, you won’t regret a thing when you purchase some stuff on her shop. They’re all sooo kawaii!

Here’s the notebook that I purchased on her shop

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