Missed the Christmas Party

…and just went Christmas Shopping with Mark, and our friends Joseph and Louiechie were there to join us. They’re doing their Christmas Shopping as well and they all made me laugh.

It was one hell of a power trip. We watched and laughed at the ice skaters who are trying hard to learn to ice skate. I would have to admit that I can’t ice skate, but watching those people slip on the rink is better than learning the sport itself. LoL!

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So today is supposed to be our school xmas party, but I decided not to attend. I miss my mom so much, and knowing that the holidays are near, it makes me miss her more. So, I decided not to attend the xmas party even though it’d be the last that I’d spend with my Alma mater. And another reason why I want to go home to my mother as soon as possible is that I couldn’t take the life in the “box” also known as my dorm room. It’s hard to breathe in such a little four-cornered room. I’m a bit of a claustrophobic, so I don’t spend too much time in there.

I’m glad I’m home now in Antipolo. Gosh, it’s freezing in here. LoL!

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