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IT’S CHRISTMAS!! I don’t get it… we don’t have a Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Belen or even a Parol ahuhu! In short, there’s no Christmas related ornament present in this humongous box! But anyway, something and someone made me feel special…look what came in to the mail today: A Jewelry set from Grandma! A very [...]

…and just went Christmas Shopping with Mark, and our friends Joseph and Louiechie were there to join us. They’re doing their Christmas Shopping as well and they all made me laugh. It was one hell of a power trip. We watched and laughed at the ice skaters who are trying hard to learn to ice [...]

Well, I know it has been ages ago since I last blogged here on multiply. And honestly, this is my only blog left. Ha-ha! My old blog (aka: expired last November, and I’m very sad to say that I won’t be handling a domain until January next year, the reason for this is because [...]