Your Universe

That’s my favorite song…it’s called “Your Universe” by Rico Blanco. It’s from his album of the same title, and it’s really a great song. It’s just about everything I want to say… everything I want to confess. *insert dreamy sigh here!*

Anyway, today we had our CES (Community Extended Service) at School. It was really fun, I just love the company of happy children. The smiles on their faces makes me feel thrice as happy as they were. I mean, I’ve never seen anyone so happy to have received cupcake before. It’s just worth the effort my classmates had put on decorating the classroom, buying snacks, prizes and tokens and putting up a small program for them. I made new friends out of those children, and they were all just wonderful.

After that, I went with Mark, and the band for our band practice. It was fun. I had fun. Then after that, I went home.



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