Senior Field Trip and my 16th Birthday

Last Wednesday, I went on a class field trip together with H 4- Our Lady of the Light, Gel & Adri’s section. I know it’s a bit odd for me to be joining another section on a field trip, but I have a good reason why I wasn’t able to join my real classmates, and that’s because my grandmother celebrated her birthday. So anyway, I had a good time during the class field trip. We’ve gone trekking, rappelling, and crossing a single rope bridge and stuff like that. I’ve never felt out of place, even just for once. It was such a great day, however, that will be my last field trip..for the rest of my life! Really… unless college students have their class field trips too…I don’t really know. LoL.

Okay so, forget about the field trip and think about what gift you would give me tomorrow. Haha! It’s my 16 th birthday tomorrow! September 11, 1992 was my birth date. Everyone, guess what my mom gave me as an advance birthday present? Ahahaha! It’s a Lap Top! It’s not exactly the lap top I want, but hey! I think this is much better ! haha! I’ve uploaded the pictures from the class field trip on my albums in my multiply site, as well as my pictures with Gel and Karl yesterday at Jollibee, where I treated them as a birthday blowout. Haha! Enjoy!

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